Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Poor Little Snails...

Last night, as I was getting my shoes on the roof that I had washed earlier, I head a crunchy noise under my slippers. At first, I thought it was just a dry leaf that I had stepped on. When I made another step toward the dark, I heard the crunchy noise again. A dried leaf on a wet area? It is impossible.

I turned the light on and what I saw is not a dry leaf, but two little snails crushed to death.

Maybe, it’s a father snail and a mother snail looking food for their baby snails. I killed them both with my feet with the body weight of 43 kilograms. They have no match on me. I had no bad intention towards the poor innocent creatures. It was just so dark (I should have seen them if I used a night vision.) and they were so small to notice them.

What will happen to their baby snails now that their mother and father snail were both gone? Will someone (I mean another snail too.) adopt them? Feed and care for them?

Poor snails… They’re orphan now.