Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ritch: Reborn... Ha! Ha! Ha!

Blogging is really out of my mind now. Aside from I don’t have my personal computer of Sir Noriel and Ms. R’s laptop, I prefer to keep my thoughts to myself. Yeah. I keep an old version of diary at home, but unfortunately, I only scribble in it when I am in the mood.
Since Kuya J told us that he’d check our blogs, I am force, obligated rather to update it once again.
I will introduce myself again.
I am Ritch, 50% sensible, 25% palagaylay, and 25% mental . (I learned this word from my third year high school cousin.) Ha! Ha! Ha! This is how the British call a crazy person…
I am 50% sensible. I can talk to people whom I share the same interest with like reading- nonstop! I can also give some not-so-agreeable-but-still-sensible advice. I care for my family and I am proud of it.
I can say that I am a palagaylay type of person. I bet I am nominated or worse, I will win the ‘Palagaylay Staffer of the Month’. (Well I certainly hope not!) I am really lazy hunting for news. I only make them when I am being assigned to. I prefer sleeping or reading all day than attending my classes- one form of immaturity. I’ll be damned when my pending and my newly-scouted articles and STRIKES are piling up!
NOTE: My notebook intended for my subjects also serves as my reporter’s notebook. (Hehe, padungog tah gamay. =>)
Beware. I’m also mental. One may think that I’m a quiet person, butu wait ‘til you see my true colors. Ha! Ha! Ha! It is really disgusting! Kidding. Well, it is funny in a way that only smart people like me understands. I give nutty ideas and cracks corny jokes when one of my friends are in a low spirit. Aw?!
And because of this blogging thingy, another work has been added to my list. But it’s okay. =)


DJ Rem said...

.,.k ra na Ritch.,.aq gani

Ritch said...


dj rem, ok nakah?

d nka sick?

u noh?