Thursday, June 16, 2011

People I'm Missing Now

"Sometimes, only one person is missing, and the whole world seems depopulated."

Good grief! I envy Alphonse de Lamartine for saying that because I am not missing only one person but a bunch of them. So, how can I compare missing a bunch of special people to de Lamartine's? Pretty tough, huh? I don't know honestly. NO words can express how I much miss them.

When you miss someone, you tend to reminisce all the things you've done-be it the smallest things or the things you'll never forget as long as you live. Even the most absurd and out-of-this-world experiences, as long as you're with them, you feel a different kind of peace. A sense of fulfillment. It's as if nothing can go wrong. Now, I want to reminisce the past and hope that one of these days, we'll be together and do all the fun stuffs again and laugh our hearts out.

These are the people I miss the most:

This is my Mom and Dad. They are the most caring, understanding, and loving parents in the world! I miss the times when my dad plays the guitar and my mom sings during blackouts. =)

This is my older brother. I just miss him so.

Simon, my little brother whom I love to call Monsai. He's a sunshine!=)

Q, a savior, literally! She saved me from drowning two years ago.

My high school friends, forever as well. They're the sweetest.

My college friends, brothers and sisters for life.

Jude. Need I say more? I wish he'll be here the soonest.

Let me share you a very beautiful poem from an unknown author:

We are going to different high schools
I know it will be hard
we were best friends
and now we are ripped apart

I remember the good days we had
throughout these 3 long years
you were there when I was sad
even when I was in tears

But now its all changed
we cant be together anymore
no more notebooks to exchange
or laughter to adore

No more inside jokes to hear
or gossip in the hall
now we have high school to fear
and that’s the worst of them all

I will never forget that smile of yours
and how it made me glad
just remember you'll always be
the bestest friend I've ever had

I'm looking forward to seeing you all again. Muah! I miss you all big time and if I see one of these days, I'm gonna hug you real tight. xoxo.=*


Jeremiah It-it said...

ah so sweet naman oh...hehe LOL kaau ko sa pic diri ritch ka2ng ni-swim tah sa may pool nya gapatong sa slide nga murag mo-slide guno... asa ni nimu gikuha ritch, sa ka ren or rina nga album sa fb? ^_^

Ritch said...

uu dj rem, and look at our faces, lolness kau..haha, those were d days.=)

Jeremiah It-it said...

missed it.. aq gi-post saq blog some of d fun photos..hehe ;)