Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Happy Ending?

Who says fairy tales don’t come true?
Having someone to care for, love and trust, and be loved, cared for and trusted is the reason why we exist in the vast emptiness of this cruel world. (Ay, ano ba yan?)
I met him four years ago. He was a transferee student from a private school in our place. He became my classmate and seatmate. There was nothing special with the friendship we had. Just a nod and few hi’s and hello’s when passing by each other. Then on my junior years, I came to know him better and we got closer. We hang out on parties and beach outings and we shared common friends. Still, no spark of the thing they called love.
Text messages came from an unknown number. It was his and we started exchanging SMS. During our summer vacation, I invited him to join the youth camp of the religious organization where I belong. He accepted my invitation but as we became closer, I was becoming to recognize the feeling that’s starting to grow. FACT: I hated seeing him with other girls and worse, hanging out with them.
Few days later, I began to get self- conscious. I am short for my age, while he’s tall. He has white complexion while I don’t. He’s smart, while I’m not. I know for a fact that he will never see me as a girlfriend material.
Will the happy- go- lucky and aggressive boy cross the borderline of friendship for the bespectacled and shy girl?
Well, some fairy tales do have a happy ending.
My heart soared. Then he told me the magic words.


DJ Rem said...

.,.wat did he told u ritch?
K lang yan.,.

Ritch said...

haay, npk showbz mo naman dong..

akin nlang un..



pwancesz maiee said...

its already a hppy beginning... and it will going to be a happy ending.. dats 4 xur mx r.. C: we mishu.. tc kah plg.. muah